Top 10 WordPress Plugins for SEO

Plugins can help you out in many ways to customize your WordPress website! Welcome newbies if you want to know what are the necessary Top 10 WordPress Plugins for SEO for your WP website. Well, you have to know that what are plugins and how they can be beneficial for your WP website. After creating the website with WordPress you have some basic needs of your website which are necessary for the customization of your website. Individual software gives you access to additional functions to make enhancements to your websites.

Best WordPress WordPress Plugins

For newbies, WordPress is the best way to start the website and to help you more from out of the box. Here we are up with Best WordPress Plugins for SEO details with why you have to use them for your WP website.

Why You Needed Plugins for Your Website?

Well, after launching the website with WordPress base with individual them. That WP Theme will provide you functions and enhancements for limited. To work on a theme or add-on and implementing special features on your website will be helped by WordPress plugins. That’s why you needed a few important plugins which are basic to any startup website. Here today you will get to know about the Top 10 WP Plugins which you should have to use for your site. It doesn’t matter whether it is personal, professional, business, or blog just go for these plugins.

HostGator WordPress Hosting you will get some of the best plugins to use.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins You Should Go For SEO

Here you will get to see the Top 10 WP plugins, the plugins were mentioned below have been selected for numerous reasons. We have discussed this with entrepreneurs, freelancers, developers, and writers. After that we have come up with these 10 WordPress Plugins, take look:-

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for SEO

  1. Akismet
  2. Ninja Form
  3. Speed Booster
  4. All 404 Redirect
  5. SEO Yoast
  6. W3 Total Cache
  7. WP Smush
  8. All In One Schema.Org
  9. Beaver Builder
  10. Google XML Sitemap


Logging in your website’s admin and receiving spammy comments and emails in tons of quantity! Is it appealing to you? I mean duh Man, you the admin have lots of work on the website and obviously, you want to save your time. Akismet can make this easy by eliminating the spammers who were trying to harm your website with inappropriate reverts.

Ninja Form

One plugin solves you all problem regarding any kind of form which you want in your website will be displayed by Ninja form with easy steps. Contact form, registration form, and much more like this will be displayed on your website, just go for it.

Speed Booster

If you are not aware of that factor called speed, then you just going to loosen up lots of business. Speed Booster is one of the finest plugins to enhance the speed of your website in overall ways. This plugin is mostly used for SEO purposes because Google prefers a website that has decent speed. And speed is also matter’s a lot for visitors.

All 404 Redirect To Homepage

One of the best plugins which are strongly used for SEO purposes but also effective for any website owner. Suppose your website’s particular page has been deleted and a visitor arrived on that page and found ‘404 Error’ how it will be appealing for them? I think Hell No. All 404 Redirect plugins will redirect any error page straight to a homepage. Isn’t it better?

SEO Yoast

One of the finest plugins which highly used for SEO purposes. You want to provide the right information to search engines that information that you want the search engines to read to rank the particular page high. SEO Yoast basically helps you to enhance your SEO in a particular post by suggesting to you some crucial points which consider by search engines.

W3 Total Cache

One-click to delete your website cache, in short in one go you can clean up your website’s cache to speed up. It will help you to have a quick load time on your website. Installing this plugin will never going to be a bad pick for your website.

WP Smush

Your website needs to impact visually too, the image displayed on your website grip the most power to attract visitors. But what will happen when it became the primary reason to slow down your website. WP Smush helps you to compress the size of the picture which helps your website to load faster. Use it and give your audience to have the best visual impact.

All In One Schema.Org

A bit of extra information which displayed on the search engine as a snippet which is provided by the all in One Schema.Org plugin. A rich snippet is one of the best ways to become eye-catching on the search engine for visitors. This plugin helps to prefer the important description, information in various forms on the search engine.

Beaver Builder

One of the best plugins to provide you the editing option in a dynamic way. You can make dynamic changes to your WordPress website’s theme. You can change the layout, add some extra features which give your website a totally different look. It will work as a website builder now you can imagine what major changes this plugin can make to your website.

Google XML Sitemap

The plugin helps the search engine’s bots to read your website’s structure. Basically, this one also belongs to an SEO firm, these plugins will indicate bots to crawl your website’s latest addition of pages or posts. You can keep this plugin in use for ages because crawling will never be going to be out from trend.

These are the top 10 WordPress Plugins for SEO that can help your website work better for you, your search engine, and your audience too.

Wrapping Up – Top WordPress Plugins For SEO

Before wrapping up will suggest to you something. If you were started WP Website then choose your plugin wisely as per your website’s need and your audience need. And make sure that install all SEO regarding plugins. Because these plugins were going to support you in a friendly way on the search engine. And do share your thoughts and suggestion in the comment box.

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