How To Remove Hostgator Favicon?

Whenever you will purchase any plan of Hostgator web hosting, an icon sets default by Hostgator. Hostgator is considered the best web hosting provider company that sells different plans for hosting. In this article, you will get to know how can you remove Hostgator favicon. For every organization or individual who is building their website, the hosting provider is “Hostgator”.

After purchasing a hosting plan, you will need to set favicon and other things also on your website. It can be done through WordPress, Joomla, and another website builder in the content management system. You also need to change or remove Hostgator favicon, but you should know what is Favicon.

What is Favicon?

what is favicon

You might have noticed an icon is shown on the website when it is open in the browser window. There are some other names uses instead of favicon which are shortcut icon, URL icon, tab icon & bookmark icon. Favicon is the site icon that appears on the tab of your window browser of the website you open. The icon is small and appears in the image from in the tab of a website you open. So in your Hostgator package or plan, this is set default by the company. No one can want to show the Hostgator icon on their website. Every individual has their website so they want their unique icon to show as per their choice. That’s why you will require to change or remove the Hostgator icon.

How It Appears & What Is The Size of Favicon?

The Favicon can be the logo of a business website but looks small & in different sizes. The format support of favicon is a PNG image supportable. The size of your image that you choose for a favicon would be-

  • 16×16 pixel
  • 32×32 pixel
  • 48×48 pixel
  • 64×64 pixel
  • 128×128 pixel

How can you apply for a favicon on a WordPress Website?

Usually, the size of a favicon is 16×16 pixels is used to create a favicon. You could need to replace the site icon and also can remove it. But if you want to replace the favicon you will require to create your favicon. If you want to create favicon so you can create it using a popular software Gimp & other Favicon creator software. There is some Favicon Extension you can save as favicon which are.ICO files in the PNG image format.

Steps to change the favicon

Go to your website builder but for setting the favicon to create in the basic size of 16×16 pixel as.ICO file. Save your PNG image as file name and in your website builder upload a file from your system. It is a simple process to set your favicon from your website builder.

Why is it important to set favicon?

It is important to set the favicon of your website because if you have a business website. The logo of your website in the tab of the window browser. Favicon shows the digital identity of your website.

How can you remove easily Favicon HostGator?

To remove the favicon you need to follow some steps to remove Hostgator favicon. Because it is the default setting when you buy the Hostgator hosting plan.

Steps To Remove Hostgator Favicon

First- create the favicon that discusses above how can you create a favicon. To create the one their size, image format, or logo of your business website.

Second- To remove,  you upload a file of Favicon in a root folder. This is the process of removing favicon WordPress for the Hostgator. So you log-in to your Hostgator cPanel account then in this you need to make some changes. Get favicon by finding a manager link in the Hostgator cPanel.  When you make a click on that manager link than a root folder will show to you. You find there an upload button of Favicon so here easily you can get remove favicon by the root directory folder.

Third- Now, at the last upload your favicon icon file that you would have created into the WordPress theme. These are the last steps to upload your file into the WordPress theme folder.

What other option to upload favicon into WordPress?

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We have discussed above the process to remove the favicon on the last, you need to upload in the WordPress theme. But instead of this last process, you can also install HostGator WordPress Hosting. You can install all-in-one Favicon  & use it to upload a favicon file into your WordPress theme folder. This article is all about will help you to change, create, or remove the favicon of Hostgator. But you can get offers by HostGator Coupon Code because Hostgator plans can be expensive for you. On any plan of Hostgator web hosting, you can use  Promo Code or Coupon Code to get deals & offers.

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