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Deciding the perfect hosting provider in today’s time is a little bit difficult because plenty of web hosting providers are already available in the market. Even more of them are offering adorable, trendy features and superb support to their customers. But still, there are some disadvantages available which make them hated by the people. Here we will discuss another top reputed and great Webhosting provider HostGator. HostGator is another most popular name in the hosting industry and because of its marvelous features, this company will beat thousands of hosting companies. Even by using HostGator Promo Code, you can save up to 80% on the final price of any hosting plan.

Products which HostGator offer to their users

HostGator Web Hosting Features

HostGator was started in 2002 in Florida. And because of their great support and hard work, HostGator owns $225 million and comes under the list of successful web hosting providing companies. Just like Webhosting, HostGator is a brilliant platform for offering many more exciting products. Let check out some products offer by HostGator.

  1. Domain Name: – HostGator offers your high-quality domain names for the cheapest price like you get a .com domain name for $12.95 with a renewal cost of $17.99 which is pretty much cheaper than many other hosting companies. Even by using HostGator Promo Code, you can buy your domain for a cheaper price.
  2. Shared hosting plans: – HostGator is one of the top shared hosting providers considered the best web hosting provider for small and medium-sized businesses that get hundreds and thousands of traffic every month. The shared hosting plans which HostGator offer are easily affordable and consider brilliants features that easily fulfill your every need. You can easily start your online journey with the cost of $8.95 to $16.95 with shared hosting plans of HostGator.
  3. WordPress optimized platform: – For most WordPress websites, HostGator is always considered as the best web hosting provider. Because it providing more optimized features for WordPress websites. And you can start your WP website journey for only $12.95 for a single website with HostGator. Even for saving more money, you can use HostGator discount coupons.
  4. VPS: – we all know that VPS which is a virtual private server is the all-time best platform for medium-sized websites. Not like shared hosting plans, you will get much better performance in the VPS plan of HostGator. And if you have enough big websites and great traffic then maybe a shared Webhosting plan is not right for you. You can start your website on the VPS network only for the cost of $80 per month.
  5. Dedicated plan: – if you have tons of visitors every month and you do not need much more speed and space online, then the Dedicated hosting plan offered by HostGator is perfect for you. With a dedicated hosting plan of HostGator, you will get your own server with very fast and exciting speed. And you will get this plan only for a cost of $200 per month.
  6. Cloud hosting: – if you want more space and CPU according to your website needs, the cloud hosting plan is all time perfect solution for you. With HostGator Webhosting, you will get this solution for the cheapest price which is $10.95 per month which is much cheaper and impressive than many other hosting companies.
  7. For making your website building work simpler, HostGator also offer their users a predefined and highly useful website builder whose name is a gator. With this website builder, you do not need to have any technical knowledge more making an impressive and classy website. Even you can build a professional-looking impressive website very soon by using the HostGator website building tool which costs you around $8.95 per month.

Shared Hosting Plans With HostGator Promo Code

HostGator is known as a big brand for offering affordable and adorable shared hosting plans. They have basically three hosting plans for their users. The name of the 3 hosting plans offered by HostGator are hatchling, baby & the business shared hosting plans. In these plans, you will get different benefits and features and you can choose any plan according to your needs. Even more, saving a great amount on shared plans you can use HostGator Coupon Code. Let start with the shared hosting plans offered by HostGator to their users.

  • Hatchling shared hosting plan: The hatchling shared the hosting plan of HostGator, you can use one domain on this plan. The best part of this plan is 24 hours of support. Just like the higher plans of HostGator with this plan also you will get proper support. With your get maximum number of Inode 250000 just like other plans. Another best feature of this plan is an unlimited storage facility with unlimited databases also. For keeping your website data safe and secure they also allow you a weekly backup facility which is the same in almost every plan of HostGator. The restoration cost of backup for your website is $25 dollars. In this plan, you do not get any dedicated IP address. The first term price cost which you have to pay in the first year is $5.95 a month. The renewal of one year costs you $8.95 per month. In short for medium and small size websites, this hosting plan is more than enough.
  • Baby shared hosting plan: In the baby hosting plan of HostGator, you can host an unlimited domain on your server. They also provide you 24 hours support all the time whenever you need them. They offer you a maximum Inode of 250000 with unlimited storage and unlimited database facility. And for keeping your website safe and secure from any loss they offer weekly backup to you with a cost of $25 for restoration. But you do not get any dedicated IP with this shared hosting plan of HostGator. First-year costs you $8.95 per month for a baby hosting plan while renewal costs you around $11.95 per month. On the features of the baby shared hosting plan, this plan is perfect for medium and little large websites.
  • Business shared hosting plan: In the business hosting plan of HostGator, you will be able to host an unlimited domain name on your hosting. With all-time support for your every query. With a maximum of 250000 Inode & unlimited storage and database facility. They offer you weekly backup with a restoration cost of $25 and you get your dedicated IP with this hosting plan. First-year cost you around $8.95 per month with the renewal of $16.95 a month. This hosting plan is perfect for a large-sized website that has tons of monthly traffic. And you can save great money on this plan with the HostGator India promo code.

All the hosting plans of HostGator have their own features and they are perfect for different sizes of websites’ needs. But in every plan, they offer a weekly backup of one copy of your website & you have to pay $25 for getting your website restored.

HostGator allow unlimited storage facility in every plan

Hostgator high performance

As storage is a basic need for every website. And as your website become large and wider you need more storage for your website. If you choose a limited storage hosting plan then you will face a lot of difficulty with your website. But with HostGator, you will get unlimited storage facility with every plan even with a shared plan too. As most of the hosting companies only allow unlimited storage on some specific and higher plans but with HostGator, you will get this facility with every plan. This unlimited storage feature will save you much money which you can incur in the future. With unlimited features, they also offer many free offers and products with different plans. Not like other web hosting companies, HostGator does not apply any limit to your traffic. It means they provide your unlimited bandwidth facility to improve your user’s experience on your website.

Flexible Terms According to the Time you Need

Most of the users want a monthly hosting scheme but they are unable to get this facility. Because the Webhosting companies are only allowed long-term hosting packages to their users. But with HostGator web hosting you will get to select any time period for your hosting. Like 1, 3,6,12 & 36 month hosting package.

Support Almost Every Programming Languages

HostGator comes under the list of few hosting providers which support almost every programming language. So that you can easily build a professional and high-quality website for your users. HostGator supports languages like PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl and Python, etc.

One of the Fastest Web Hosting Provider HostGator

Because of the superb facility and features, HostGator offers crazy and mind-blowing speed in the speed test. Your website will load in some seconds with HostGator. And having good website speed will make your website reputation for well in SERP even your visitors also impress from the speed of your website. With faster loading speed HostGator also offers great server uptime and never lets your website face downtime for more than some minutes. Because nothing is worse than facing the downtime of your website. With HostGator, you will always get the best performance of your website in comparison to many other hosting companies.

HostGator Support team

Why HostGator is all time perfect solution for everyone?

HostGator Web Hosting is perfectly suitable for those who want unlimited features and facilities even with a shared hosting plan because in HostGator you will get an unlimited feature with every plan. Even if you want a web host who will support all languages like PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl and Python then HostGator is all time perfect solution for you. And because it easy to use features and comfortable dashboards it is also a recommended hosting company for many beginners. If you want to grab the best deal In any plan of HostGator then feel free to use HostGator Promo Code to save great money on your purchase. It will give you’re the best value of the product you choose even you can save upto 80% of the final price.

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