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Hosting is a type of service which allows you to store your website or web page data on a web server.  It’s a type of business that gives you all tools and services that allows your website or webpage on the internet. All the data of a web page or website are stored on the server, it’s a special type of computer. When persons want to see your website on the internet, they simply type your domain name on the internet and search it.

The client sends the request on the server with the help of a browser from his desktop and the server shows the data on the requested browser. Without hosting no one can see you on the internet. All you need is a domain with hosting to run your website on the webserver. For best and affordable hosting, you can use HostGator Coupons India 2022 while purchasing hosting via HostGator Company.

HostGator Coupon Code

HostGator Coupons India 2022 For Best Web Hosting

There are so many companies that provide you hosting and HostGator is one of them. The name is well known in the field of Hosting services. This world-famous company provides you different types of web hosting like shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicating. This hosting company was started in 2002 and the headquarters of this company is in Houston, Texas. When the company started it has only three servers and now, they have more than 12000 servers. The hosting company hosted more than 8 million domains. Get HostGator Discount Code India and make your hosting cheaper.

Types of Hosting Service Provide by HostGator

There are four types of web hosting provided by this company. There are:

Shared Hosting – One server hosts multiple customers that are called Shared web hosting.  The multiple websites share the server’s resources which decreases the amount of cost. The most commonly used and affordable web hosting service is Shared Hosting.

Linux Reseller Hosting – In this, the owner of the web hosting rents out some portion of the space and bandwidth to other users. The owner is like a hosting service provider without bear the cost of maintenance, software, and more. Now clients purchase hosting for their website via you because you are a hosting company now. You can make money with reseller hosting.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) – If you want more flexibility on your website then you need to use the VPS server. Also, HostGator offers one of the cheapest VPS hosting services if you have an online store.

Dedicated Servers – As you can see by the name of the server, it dedicates to only one site. It’s faster than shared hosting because only you are using the resources and not sharing them with others. You can get a Dedicated Server for Linux and for windows. Use HostGator Dedicated Server to save your maximum money.

Managed Dedicated Server – While you are busy growing your business it will take care of your hard work and also monitor the website.  It’s a service where you get a fully managed dedicated server.

Choose the hosting which you need and which you want to use and to make its price affordable use HostGator Promo Code 2022.

Some Extra Features you get In HostGator for Security of your website

In Website Security, you get Codeguard, SiteLock, and SSL Certificates.


Take a backup of your hard work with the help of CodeGuard. It takes automatic backup of your live website and stores it. It also monitors your websites and quickly notifies you if any change occurs.  If you need you will restore your website from the previous version of your website.


It protects your website from Hacker, viruses, and spam. It scans daily to check your website, e-mail, application, search engine backlist, and spam filters. Its 360 degree and strong firewall scan your website from risks and hackers.   It fixes your threats and notifies you about them. It runs in the background of your website to protect it.

SSL Certificates

The full form of the SSL is Secure Sockets Layer. It is a digital certificate that encrypts the information sent to your website. The benefit of encryption makes customers sensitive information like personal details, identity, and passwords. It is compatible with all the most used browsers.

What is Cloud Hosting?

The hosting is made on Cloud technology that is designed to run your websites smoothly. Fastest page loads, the best response when traffic spikes that why this hosting is well known for its reliability, scalability, and variability. The question that occurs in everyone’s mind “Is cloud hosting better than Shared hosting?” The answer is the Cloud hosting is far better than Shared Hosting. The reason is that cloud hosting can easily handle heavy traffic, good security, and better resources in comparison to Shared hosting.

Reason to Choose Cloud Hosting

Get the fastest Cloud Server hosting via HostGator best hardware and multiple caching layers.  The speed is 2x faster than another hosting. For best performance, they have Pre-integrated NGINX Plus caching. With one click you can easily upgrade your website. Without any worry about Traffic, spikes build up your sales without any interruptions. With SSD Storage Drives load your page faster and boost your business. To manage your website you will get Cpanel which is easy to use. You can use HostGator Cloud Web Coupon Code and get a huge discount on it.

HostGator Promo Codes

Help and Support of HostGator

The company supports you and give you all advantage of hosting. We are giving you suggestions that make a copy of your website files and database for safety. With the CodeGuard backup solution, you can get a regular backup of your data. The support team is always available for you 24×7 and solves your all problems or queries. The team gives a fast response and resolves your problems as fast as possible. If you are not happy with our service, then you give us feedback.

It’s the rarest hosting company that provides you 45 days money-back guarantee. The company also provides you 99.9% Uptime guarantee.  Our website is an affiliate partner with HostGator and we regularly update HostGator India Coupons for you to make your hosting pocket-friendly. You can save up to 50% to 80% on our web hosting service all you need to apply is the coupon we update on our website.

Can I Use Multiple HostGator Coupons To Make Extra Savings?

No, HostGator allows users to use only a single coupon at a time. So, it suggested to use only a single HostGator coupon code to make the maximum savings.

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