Best 10 Dedicated Server Hosting Provider 2022

There are several companies which offer dedicated server to the users at a reasonable price. Right now choosing a dedicated server is really important for some website holder who never wants to share their resources with any users. It means a dedicated server is a kind of server that is fully dedicated to only one person in which you can host one website and there is no need to share this server with any user. With a dedicated server, you have full control over the server that what happens with the server. You can also manage the whole server by yourself. So in this excellent post, we are going to talk about the Best 10 dedicated servers hosting in India who provide dedicated servers at affordable rates.  With the help of this post, you have a great chance to choose the best company that provides a dedicated server. We know that sometimes it really difficult to choose the right one option to buy anything when you have plenty of choices but in this article, we only talk about the companies who are best in providing a dedicated server.

Best 10 companies who provide reliable Dedicated server in India at reasonable cost

Numerous companies are here who provide dedicated server but we provide information on Ten of the best companies of dedicated servers who provide the most reliable server in a decent price. Here is a brief explanation of these best companies who are ready to offer a dedicated server to you.

  1. Bluehost web hosting: whenever we talk about the best company in providing dedicated servers the Bluehost is coming on top of the choice for every customer. It offers a dedicated server at affordable rates so that you can easily buy and start using it. Here is a set of features that Bluehost provides you along with a dedicated server.
  • Speed – 4 cores
  • Storage up to 500 GB
  • RAM- 4 GB
  • Bandwidth/Transfer- 5TB
  • 3 free IP’s
  • Uptime speed of 99.9%
  • Start plan @ $79.99/month
  1. Inmotion Hosting: It comes on the 2nd while you going to buy a dedicated server. Inmotion hosting is one of the biggest hosting provider company and it also provides a dedicated server too. You can easily make Inmotion as your choice to buy a dedicated server. It offers the price of a server a little higher than Bluehost but provides the best and more features to you along with the server.
  • 8 GB double RAM PROMO
  • 500 GB SSD or 1 TB 7.2k HDD
  • 6 GB Data transfer
  • You will get 5 free IP’s
  • cPanel also included
  • Uptime speed of 99.99%
  • Start price @ $105.69
  1. A2 Hosting: A2 hosting provide high powered web hosting solution to every user. Now it has millions of active customers who also buy dedicated servers too. Right now A2 hosting is more demanded to buy dedicated server because it also provides a bunch of features which is much better than Bluehost and Inmotion hosting.
  • Choose your Linux OS
  • 8GB RAM & 2 cores
  • From 10 TB Transfer
  • 2*500 GB storage
  • Optional cPanel and SSL
  • Anytime money back guarantee policy
  • Uptime speed 99.99%
  • Starting plan @ $99.59/month
  1. FASTCOMET:  It is one of the top-rated web hosting company which is best for small and personal business. People choose it because it offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, and also dedicated server. Here are the more features which FASTCOMET does provide you.
  • Managed dedicated server
  • cPanel/WHM/Softaculous
  • 80GB SSD space
  • 4GB RAM/4 TB Bandwidth
  • Full root Access & Automated Backup/snapshot
  • Uptime speed of 99.9%
  • Starting plan @ $139/month
  1. HostGator:  It is one of the largest and world’s best hosting provider company with 9000000 hosted websites globally. It provides the best 45 days money back guarantee period with an uptime speed of 99.99%. Now you can also buy the most reliable dedicated server from HostGator at very reasonable rates. HostGator is also the cheapest option to buy any kind of hosting plan.
  • 4 Core/8 Thread
  • 1 TB Transfer
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1 TB HDD
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Linus or Windows OS
  • Uptime speed of 99.99%
  • Plan starting @ $89.98/month.

6. Godaddy: It is one of the largest and world’s best-hosting providers as a biggest hosting brand, It is more reliable and has high speed and load time.

  • Great Speed
  • Raid 1 storage
  • Free SSL
  • Data Centre present in all big sub continents

7. Liquidweb: Fastest Dedicated Server service provider

  • High Speed
  • Powerful Servers
  • Raid 1 Storage
  • 32 GB Ram

8. Dreamhost:  It is one of the best Managed Dedicated Web Hosting. You will Get fully managed to host for your website

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Fully Managed Inhouse CPanel
  • Raid 1 Storage
  • Starting 4 GB Ram

9. Interserver:  It offers one of the affordable and flexible Dedicated server hostings

  • Cheap Options
  • Good Load Time
  • 8 GB Ram
  • Easy customization option

10. Site-ground:  Best for Large websites.

Which one company should you choose for buying a dedicated server according to us?

All the companies are best in providing dedicated servers and different kinds of hosting plans but it completely depends upon your need. Bluehost, Inmotion, and A2 hosting are the Top 10 dedicated server providers in India from which you can choose which one is better. According to us we surely say that if you are looking for buying dedicated server at affordable prices with limited features then choosing a server from Bluehost is a good choice for you. And if you have enough budget and want to have a set of best features along with a dedicated server then you should have to go with the other two options. It clearly depends on your budget and on your needs.

Why you should choose a dedicated server?

There are lots of servers which is best for website holder to make it website secure and reliable. A dedicated server is the top choice of every customer who wants to host a single website on a single server. The question is arise that why you should choose it? People choose dedicated servers at that time when their website is insecure with the other users and when their website is capable to earn a huge range of traffic. People use dedicated servers because in this you have full control over the server so that you can easily manage according to your work.  It simply improves the performance and reliability of your website because in this you will get unlimited resources and bandwidth. When you have this server you don’t have any need to share it with anyone. It also increases the speed of your website which is the most important factor in your website. So these are the reasons why you should choose a dedicated server on your website.

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