Why These Top 10 Web Hosting Companies are best for your Website?

Starting a website becomes the easiest task nowadays. All you have to choose the best service provider. Best Web Hosting Service provider comes up with various pros and cons which depends on your needs. At a worldwide level there are many web hosting service providers, but here we have picked the Top 10 Web Hosting Providers who can be the first choice according to your match of a website. Some of you want to start your eCommerce website, Business Portals, Personal or Professional websites. Every type of website needs different necessities. You can choose wide versa from your website’s need.

Top 10 web hosting service Providers

If you are here then you were having an idea about the all primary things while starting up a website. If you won’t have that much detail then here you will get it. Branding your business is necessary so, you have to choose the right domain name for your website. Choosing right web hosting and web hosting providers is two different things. There are many types of web hosting services which cost you different. And the web hosting service provides by several companies.

Which Web Hosting Suitable For You?

Well, that’s the question which can affect your website and your pocket too. Choosing Top Web Hosting Service for your big website can affect you badly. Before choosing them you have to know that what the types of Web Hosting Services are. There are many types of Web Hosting can help your business to grow. Let’s check out the list:-

Type of web Hostig

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • Windows Web Hosting
  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • Managed Web Hosting

If you are a newbie then you will get confused in the pick of among them all. Which one will be right for your website? Well Starting up with Cheapest Web Hosting Services with Shared Hosting, this will be the right pick for your startup. And further will be clear when you get to know about the Top 10 Web Hosting Service Providers.

Top 10 Website Hosting Service Provider

Okay! Now let’s check out the top 10 list of Best Website Hosting providers. These web hosting companies have been picked on their specific features and can support your online business easily. Here is the list of Best Website Hosting Providers.

Top 10 Hosting Provider

  1. GoDaddy
  2. HostGator
  3. Bluehost
  4. Greengeeks
  5. Ipage
  6. Inmotion Hosting
  7. 1&1 Hosting
  8. Dreamhost
  9. Hosting24
  10. A Small Orange

These are the top selected companies who are best in business and tend to deliver you the best Web Hosting services. You can choose one from among them all as per your website requirement. Before selecting one of them to get the proper information about them. Briefly described below why choose one from them for your business.

1.  GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of best and finest web hosting & domain name service provider in the world. It has been rooted there business very well. Since the company has been launched they are supporting the world with the best assistance regarding Hosting & Domain Name. GoDaddy serves approximately all kind of web hosting services. And GoDaddy is known for providing the Cheapest Web Hosting Plan Provider. Godaddy usually charges you with around $6.99/mo but you can make it down to $2.49/mo. Isn’t it great? Now let’s take a look at the pros & cons of the GoDaddy web hosting company.


  • Cheapest Web Hosting Service Provider
  • GoDaddy Product Integration Service is really Well
  • Best Features along with Security of your Website
  • 24/7 Best Support Team


  • GoDaddy Uses Custom Hosting Panel
  • GoDaddy limits your disk space & Database space in shared web hosting which is still more than other hosting providers
  • If you researched a bit then you should know about the SOPA & PIPA in 2011 regarding whole internet black out everyone support it but GoDaddy against at this. This is still affecting them so much.
  • This is the one more thing which gathers the controversy at that time which was weird ad campaign ‘Talk about Me’.

2.  HostGator

Well, personally I will address the HostGator as Giant Web Hosting Service provider in the industry. With the long history of providing the best hosting service to the world, HostGator still rocks the world.  Well, HostGator is the best pick for everyone especially recommended to eCommerce website startups or owners. HostGator is best in all aspects especially popular for devoting the HostGator WordPress Web Hosting service.


  • Low Renewal Pricing along with providing long-time purchasing facility with the best discount
  • Good Service along with 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Quick responsive service for transfer
  • Excluding Hatchling plans, HostGator Offers everything unmetered


  • HostGator has the slow speed at the first-byte loading which affects the overall loading time of a website
  • Paid Software is becoming the issue, to unlock feature of particular software you have to buy Pro version
  • Not good for the small business startups, at the price tag HostGator sucks at this point GoDaddy Shared Web Hosting grabs the grip
  • There were always been a rumor that sometimes HostGator Sucked at bandwidth without your knowledge and who knows rumors are right or wrong

3. Bluehost

Bluehost the fastest growing web hosting Provider Company owned by the Endurance Corporation Group HostGator is also been under this group. At the very starting Bluehost lift themselves up as a beginner or newly start-up hosting provider. Now the company grabs the position as providing Hassle Free Hosting services for small business owners.


  • Bluehost started under the branding Endurance International Corporation which is the largest hosting corporation enough for boosting the web hosting company
  • Best for beginners who want to spend less and start an online portal
  • Bluehost keeps your website data secure
  • The support team for setting up a website for newbies


  • Speed issues as per growing visitors on your website
  • The limited resources and features with cheapest
  • Annoying promotions & upsells services of Endurance International products which is too much annoying for customers
  • You won’t have daily backup services for your website which is the necessary part for your website.

4. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is slightly ahead from other web hosting service providers. This hosting is familiar industry known for serving the green web hosting services to the world. Isn’t amazing starting up a website while saving the environment too? The web hosting company has been improved with all resources and features of web hosting. Recently the Greengeeks retrieve the Shared Hosting plan to speed up websites, security, and enhancement on particular things.


  • Unlimited Data transfer, web space, Email, and MySQL database
  • Unlimited domain name hosting option
  • Free Data backup and restore
  • Easy Scalable data resources


  • The high cost of VPS & Dedicated Hosting Plans
  • Greengeeks website builder quite complicated for newbies
  • Renewal rate is too high of Shared Hosting plan
  • Hard to find a support number

5. Ipage

One more hosting company under the roof of Endurance International Group, Ipage hosting. The companies were started in 1998 but recently tighten up the grip like the one of finest web hosting service provider, that’s why we put it here. As per choice of many people, Ipage comes up with many plus points and drawbacks.


  • Simplified pricing and plans services
  • Better known for providing the 3D service, Unlimited Domain Hosting, Unlimited Database, Unlimited Disk Space
  • Renewal rates are lower if you sign up for 3 years or more in comparison of other Web Hosting companies
  • Support service of a team is active 24/7 and fine in comparison of few hosting providers


  • Sometimes you will experience the downtime for DDOS attacks
  • Setting up a dedicated server takes up to 48 hours
  • Ipage doesn’t offer the monthly plan which is important for entrepreneurs
  • Money back guarantees suck because it will deduct the $15 as fee

6. Inmotion

Inmotion hosting one of the fastest growing hosting service providers with enhanced features. Now the company gathers the trusted zone as one of the finest web hosting service providers. Along with sour and sweet experience, Inmotion gathers the 6th position in our list because of getting familiar as reliable hosting service providers.


  • Strengthen out the Customer support service to provide the best support service to every customer
  • Enhanced web hosting performance and speed along with 99% uptime
  • Inmotion offers you the free backups service, not only free backup service they also provide you retrieval backups
  • To let you build constructive and responsive website Inmotion Offers you the powerful website builder BoldGrid


  • You will get bound with the 1year plan which depends on your satisfaction level. Hence the web hosting company offers 90 days money back guarantee
  • You will be going to have add-on service for only one domain, however, adding more website will send you down to choose a pro plan.
  • Inmotion is bit slow when it comes up about account setup, you will get sucked very badly
  • Their power & pro plan will keep you in a fumble to choose which one for your website

7. 1&1 Hosting

1&1 Web hosting is also known for providing the best cheap web hosting services. If you are a newbie then it’s a really big, yes to go with 1&1 web hosting offer. Start with 1&1 hosting to get your website easy life, the company also provides the Mobile website builder to give you a compatible version for a phone.


  • Unlimited web space & website hosting
  • CDN Service
  • Best for beginners
  • 1&1 Sitelock Basic feature


  • Lack of Live Chat Support
  • Paid website tools
  • Rated low on Customer satisfaction

8. Dreamhost

Dreamhost basically gathers the attention because providing the WordPress Hosting service. Most of the bloggers prefer the Dreamhost to be picked for startups. Hosting company offers more and more power and hosting solutions to provide the enhanced service of Dreamhost.


  • Unlimited site hosting, data storage & bandwidth
  • Free Domain Name along with Whois privacy
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Optimized WordPress Hosting Service


  • cPanel is not intuitive
  • DreamHost features for extra fees
  • Premium WP Hosting for an extra fee
  • Waiting time can be multiplied with live chat

9. Hosting24

Providing the unlimited features along with good support Hosting24 grabs the 9th position in a list. This is the only web hosting company who offers much at low cost. Hosting24 is registered as ICANN domain name provider. At less, they provide more and more features including free domain name, dedicated IP address, data transfer, web space and much more.


  • With Hosting24 you can have a free domain name for a lifetime with specific plans
  • Unlimited features for your website enhancements
  • This feature needs to be highlighted, Hosting24 provides the unlimited emails


  • Bit Slow customer support service
  • Happy to have a free domain name but it can take time up to 48 hours, that makes it bit boring
  • Server response times lag sometimes

10. A Small Orange

A Small Orange provides best and reliable web hosting services. This is the only web hosting company yet I found who can fit in any type of demand regarding web hosting plans. But, in comparison of other web hosting plan, the A Small Orange offers the limited bandwidth service. To gather the maximum attention of customer the hosting company brings regular discount of shared hosting plans.


  • With A Small Orange, you will get Weebly Builder
  • 99% Uptime guarantee
  • 90 Days Money back guarantee
  • Free Domain name service provided by web host service provider


  • Limited Bandwidth
  • Lags WordPress specific features
  • Slow loading time excluding US visitors

These are the top choice as Top 10 Web Host Service Providers. You can now clear up some mind about picking up a Web Hosting service provider. They all are best and poor in several aspects. So, if you still have fumble about it, then you can also go for the individual reviews of these top 10 Hosting providers.

Why We Picked These 10 Web Hosting Service Providers?

Actually, they are fits in all aspects of those who want to start eCommerce website, small website, business purpose sites, and much more. These top web host service providers are bringing up the cheapest plans to let you save maximum bucks on your website startups. You can also use their latest and updated vouchers and deals which can make your purchasing effective in your favor.